Time to THRIVE in the Mountain States – Detailed Schedule

Saturday, April 15, 2023 | Denver, CO



8:00 AM

Breakfast & Registration

8:30 AM

Indigenous Welcome & Land Acknowledgement

8:35 AM

Opening Plenary

9:07 AM

A Rocky Queer Youth – Youth Ambassador Keynote by Ash Siloctt (they/them)

9:10 AM

A Special Message from The Matthew Shepard Foundation by Judy Shepard (she/her) and Dennis Shepard (he/him)

9:35 AM

LGBTQ+ Youth in the Mountain States-Regional Realities Panel with Adrian Smith (he/him), Sarah Warbelow (she/her), Megan Doyle (she/her), Sage Sankofa (they/them), and Taylor Davis (he/they)

11:00 AM

Breakout Block A

  • Exploring Connections: The Intersections of Race, Gender, Gender Identity, & Sexual Orientation with Chad Jimison (he/him) and Toni Smith (she/her)
  • Native & Indigenous LGBTQIA2S+ Youth in Child Welfare with Crys O’Grady (she/her)
  • Creating Gender Inclusive Secondary Schools with LaTayna Purnell (she/they) and Erin Fawkes (she/they)
  • Trans Youth Belong in Sports with Micah Porter (he/him), Andraya Yearwood (she/her) and Brooke Rundle (she/her)
  • Gender Affirming Care for Children and Youth: An Overview for Youth-Serving Professionals
  • Out on the Streets with Shawna Kemppainen (they/them), Becky Treece (she/her), Brenden Harry (he/him), Eric Attard (he/they) and EmRhys Jenkins (they/them

12:35 PM

Lunch Plenary

12:55 PM

Local LGBTQ+ Youth Speak Out

2:00 PM

Breakout Block B

  • Supporting Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Non-Conforming Youth with Chad Jimison (he/him) and Toni Smith (she/her)
  • Creating Gender Inclusive Environments in Child Welfare Systems with Phii Regis (they/them)
  • The Rainbow Red Road: Supporting Two-Spirit, Indigiqueer, LGBTQ+ and Gender Non-Conforming Youth with Cody Ortiz-Oldham (they/them)
  • Know Your Rights with Sarah Warbelow (she/her) and Courtnay Avant (she/her)
  • Red State Rural Organizing: More Casseroles, Less Contempt with Sara Burlingame (she/her)
  • Parent Panel: Caring for Our Transgender and Non-Binary Children
3:30 PM

Snack Break

3:45 PMBreakout Block C
  • Building Organizational Capacity for LGBTQ+ Inclusive Practices in Child Welfare with Phii Regis (they/them)

  • Teachable Moments in Schools with Cheryl Greene (she/her) and Toni Smith (she/her)

  • From the Local School Board to the US Congress: How to Effectively Impact Public Policy with Hope Errico Wisneski (she/her)

  • Uplifting LGBTQIA+ Youth Engaging in Non-Suicidal Self-Injury with Megan Doyle

  • Disordered Eating and Body Image Concerns in LGBTQ+ Populations with Erin Harrop (they/them)

5:15 PM

Dinner is served

5:40 PM

CenterLink Resources

5:45 PM

“The Dads” Documentary Screening

6:05 PM

Drag Story Half Hour with Shirley Delta Blow (she/her)

6:35 PM

Action Planning Commitment & Closing Remarks with Ted Lewis (they/them)


Event Ends