2022 Time to THRIVE Workshops

Our list of workshops for Time to THRIVE 2022 is coming soon! As our nation continues down the road to legal equality, LGBTQ+ young people still face dramatically heightened rates of rejection and discrimination in school, at home, and within their community. LGBTQ+ youth who are multiply marginalized experience this at even higher rates. Therefore, our Time to THRIVE 2022 workshops will be carefully crafted to center the experiences of LGBTQ+ youth carrying the heaviest burden of oppression, such as trans and non-binary youth, Black, Indigenous and other LGBTQ+ youth of color (BIPOC), LGBTQ+ youth with disabilities, those from minority faith backgrounds, and more.

Time to THRIVE is strongly committed to an intersectional approach in all plenaries, workshops and conversations. To learn more about putting intersectionality into practice as a youth-serving professional, take a look at our free webinar by clicking here.