Speakers & Workshops

We are excited to announce the following special guests and speakers for the 2nd annual Time to THRIVE conference in Portland, Oregon. Additional special guests, speakers will be announced soon.

Daniella, Betty, Jazz, Constance

Daniella Carter, Betty DeGeneres, Jazz Jennings & Constance McMillen

We are excited to announce the workshops for HRC Foundation’s 2nd annual Time to THRIVE conference.  With an impressive list of over 40 national and grassroots organizations lined up, the conference truly will provide a one-stop-shop opportunity to build the awareness and cultural competency, learn current and emerging best practices, and gather resources from leading experts in the field. Thanks to our conference co-presenters and partners, this convening will be an amazingly collaborative event.  The following diverse workshops have been confirmed for our 2015 conference in Portland, Oregon.

If you have questions regarding conference workshops, please contact us at TimeToThrive@hrc.org.

Workshops presented at our inaugural conference last February included: 


Start at the Beginning (LGBTQ 101) Additional Registration Fee Required - Q Center

         Conference Workshops

“…And I’m Gay”:  The Multiple Identities of Rural LGBTQ Youth - The Living Room

A Panel of LGBTQ and Ally Youth Discuss What Adults Can do - Youth Ambassadors

Act Against AIDS:  Harnessing the Power of Partnerships and Social Marketing Campaigns to Address HIV/AIDS Among LGBT Communities - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Advocating for Undocumented LGBTQ Youth - Lambda Legal

Beyond Bathrooms:  What You Can Do For Your Transgender Students - TransYouth Family Allies

Bringing LGBTQ Issues and Stories to Life in the Classroom - Anti-Defamation LeagueCis for Equality:  Engaging and Activating Allies for Grans/GNC Youth - PFLAG National

Communities Coming Together to Prevent LGBTQ Youth Homelessness - True Colors Fund

Connect, Accept, Respond, Empower:  Suicide Prevention for LGBTQ Youth  - The Trevor Project

Creating Gender Inclusive Schools - Gender Spectrum

Dangerous Therapy:  Efforts to Protect Youth from “Conversion Therapy” - National Center for Lesbian Rights / Human Rights Campaign Foundation

Engaging Families to Prevent Risk, Promote Well-Being and Build Healthy Futures for LGBT Youth - Family Acceptance Project

Engaging Latin@s, an Exploration at the Intersections  - Human Rights Campaign Foundation

Experiences and Needs of LGBTQ Youth and YMSM and YWSW Engaged in Survival Sex - Urban Institute

Federal Efforts in Bullying Prevention - SAMHSA

First Do No Harm:  Organized Medicine’s Efforts to Improve LGBTQ Healthcare - American Academy of Pediatrics

Focusing on Families & Faith:  A Research-Based Framework to Help Ethnically & Religiously Diverse Families to Support & Accept their LGBT Children - Family Acceptance Project

Forbidden Subjects:  Talking about Religion in School - Human Rights Campaign Foundation

From the Street to the Streets:  Fostering Resilience in Homeless Youth  National - LGBTQ Task Force

Generation Why:  Youth Voices on the Importance of Safe Schools for LGBTQ Students - Merlo Station High School, Beaverton School District

How to be a kick-ass GSA Advisor! -  Gay-Straight Alliance Network

HRC Research:  What’s It Like Growing Up in America if your Gender Isn’t Male or Female? - Human Rights Campaign Foundation

Improving the Quality of Life & Sexual Health of LGBT Youth With the Latest Advancements in HIV Treatment and Prevention - National Minority AIDS Council

Integrate Social Emotional Skills in Your Instruction Through the Teaching Tolerance Anti-bias Framework - Teaching Tolerance

Intersectionality:  Bringing Everyone to the Table - PFLAG Portland Black Chapter

Interventions for LGBTQ Bullied Youth - Affirmative Foundations / Los Angeles LGBT Center

It’s Not So Simple:  The Complicated Relationship Between Bullying, Psychosocial Wellness, Identity, and Suicide Attempts Among LGBTQ Youth  - The Trevor Project

Keeping Cyberspace Safe for LGBTQ Youth - LGBT Technology Partnership & Institute

Learning from School Leaders - Human Rights Campaign Foundation

Linking the Roads, Working with Youth Who Experience Homelessness and Sexual Violence  - National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Litigation and Legislation Shaping the Counseling of LGBTQ Clients - American Counseling Association

Moving Beyond the Melting Pot:  Working with Queer Youth of Color - Safe Spaces Project

No One Left Behind:  Reclaiming the Future of Bi, Pan, Fluid, and Queer Youth - BiNet USA

OUT for Safe Schools:  Building Visible Allies Within School Districts - Los Angeles LGBT Center

Out in the Classroom, Out into the Community  - American Federation of Teachers

Out In The System:  LGBTQ Youth Support and Family Engagement in Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice  - Ruth Ellis Center

Overcoming Structural Barriers to Build Capacity:  The National HIV/AIDS Strategy as a Practice Tool - National Association of Social Workers

Perspectives for a Diverse America, a FREE K-12 Anti-bias Literacy Curriculum  - Teaching Tolerance

Perspectives of YMSM About School-based HIV Prevention Services - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Privilege, Power and Intersectionality 101 - The Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity and Inclusion

Race and Economic Justice is an LGBTQ Issue - Gay-Straight Alliance Network

Safe and  Supported:  Gender Transitions at School - Gender Spectrum

Safe Spaces:  Inclusion of LGBTQ Youth:  A Discussion on Best Practices - YMCA

Safety, Bias and LGBTQ Issues:  An Educator Training from the NEA - National Education Association

Sticks and Stones:  The Power of Language to Elevate or Humiliate - American Counseling Association / Oklahoma State University

Super Queers!:  Expanding Opportunities for LGBTQ Youth Leadership - New York City LGBT Community Center

Support, Not Smother:  Being an Adult Ally to LGBTQ Youth - Q Center

Supporting & Serving LGBTQ Youth in Out-of-Home Care - Human Rights Campaign Foundation

Now is the Time to Improve School Climate and Discipline for LGBTQ Youth: A Federal Policy Workshop - U.S. Department of Education

Transgender Medicine in Youth:  What a PCP Needs to Know - Randall Children’s Hospital, Legacy Health

Using the Law and Professional Standards to Support Safe and Affirming Schools - National Center for Lesbian Rights

We Can All Impact Change:  Ten Standards and Strategies to Improve Outcomes for LGBT Youth  - American Institutes for Research

What Can We Do? Bias, Bullying, and Bystanders Short Film  - Human Rights Campaign Foundation

What do you say to, “That’s so Gay!” and Other Teachable Moments in PreK-Elementary School Education - Human Rights Campaign Foundation

What We Know, What You Can Do:  Practical Lessons from the 2013 National School Climate Survey - GLSEN

Working with LGBTQ Youth of Color and Immigrants - Queer Intersections Portland

Working with Young People to Reduce Harm - Cascade AIDS Project

You Put That Where? Effective Tools and Strategies for Sex Positive Education in CBO’s - Safe Spaces Project

         Youth Attendee Workshops on the last day

The Trevor Project’s Lifeguard Workshop  - The Trevor Project

Know Your Rights:  From Schools to Community - Q Center

         Optional Debriefs Post-Conference

Debrief with NEA Members: Working Together to Help LGBTQ Students Thrive - National Education Association

Debrief:  Best Practices From Youth-Serving Professionals From Abroad - HRC Global

Debrief with Attendees from Oregon - Q Center and TransActive

For questions regarding workshops, please contact TimeToThrive@hrc.org