2018 Upstander Award Recipients

Gavin Grimm, Transgender Trailblazer and Advocate

Betty DeGeneres, LGBTQ Advocate and Ally

Dr. Ximena Lopez, Pediatric Endocrinologist and founder of the GENder, Education, and Care Interdisciplinary Support Program

The following honorees have received an Upstander Award at our previous Time to THRIVE Conferences.

Previous Upstander Honorees at Time to THRIVE

Katie Couric (2017)

Dr. Tom Aberli (2017)

Ruby Corado (2017)

Jazz Jennings (2017)

John QuiƱones (2016)

Bob Harper (2016)

Nicholas Ferroni (2016)

Dr. Caitlin Ryan (2015)

Michael Sam (2015)

George Takei (2015)

Lance Bass (2014)

Magic & Cookie Johnson (2014)

Robin McHaelan (2014)

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